Now That’s Timing: Etsy Sees Me Through Again!

So I recently got an order on my Etsy shop for my “Uptown” Bracelet design which is a band of snakeskin looking leather connected to chain that is braided together with suede. After the purchase was made, the buyer asked if it was possible for me to do the bracelet in orange instead of the aqua-blue that the listing is for. Well, I didn’t have any orange suede in stock and I couldn’t find any locally, and she opted for a pale green suede instead rather than weight for me to order new suede.

So then today, as I’m packaging up the orders I need to send out today I get a package of charms I ordered from DIYandZAKKA and they include a customer appreciation gift with your purchase. My gift? Around 3 feet of ORANGE SUEDE along with some black suede, silver lobster clasps and silver cord ends!!

So not only were these gifts great and so thoughtful, but what perfect timing for me! And the suede is amazing, it’s incredibly soft and flexible unlike some suede cord that’s very stiff and requires a lot of work to wear in. Plus the charms that were what I actually ordered look great, and I can’t wait to start working them into new designs. I am definitely ordering from DIYandZAKKA again!!


So in this case I thought the free gift was very tasteful and, well, came in totally clutch 🙂 But if not well done I think sometimes free gifts can come off as DTM (doin’ too much…abbreviation courtesy of my sorority house). And do you do these gifts for ALL orders? Just orders over a certain amount? What do you think? 


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