Welcome to SkinnyRist: the Blog!

SkinnyRist bracelets are handmade, quality accessories available only at SkinnyRist.etsy.com! But here at the SkinnyRist blog you’ll find tutorials, DIY ideas, top 10 lists, recommendations, reviews, exclusive coupon codes, sneak peaks at unreleased products and so, so much more. I’m Greta and I’ll be doing all the blogging here and I’m pretty sarcastic, wildly opinionated and I think I’m hilarious but I’m probably not. I don’t take things too seriously and I ramble like you wouldn’t believe.

Yep I’m the blonde with her tongue out…

The “Unofficial” Greta Bio

Age: 22

Education: bachelor’s degree in liberal studies, option in bilingual/cross-cultural education, Cum Laude

Next Up: teaching credential program for my multiple-subject credential and bilingual authorization (Spanish)

Relationship Status: spoken for 🙂

Favorite Color(s): teal and coral

Pets: the most perfect, gorgeous, adorable, snuggle-muffin of a Yorkie-poo, my obsession goes too far

Job: I work at First Year Experience on the CSU, Chico campus, for 3 years I was a Civic Mentor in the University 101 course, and during my last year at school I worked as the Student Director of the Civic Dialogue Museum – the culminating project of UNIV 101. Basically, we work to help freshman adjust to college life and be successful. I now work for FYE as the Lead Student Researcher. I’ll start working in the fall to pull together my observations and write an article on communities of learning in the FYE office and staff relations as communities of practice

Other: I’m an alumni of Alpha Delta Pi sorority (we live for each other 1b1l <>), I love to write, I have a weakness for buying journals, my roommates used to call my room the “sweatshop” because of all the time I spent holed up in there working on bracelets, I also have a weakness for gel pens…I’m Swedish, I will eat almost anything that involves cinnamon, I have no concept of budgeting, I’m a people pleaser, which can be unfortunate but it makes for really excellent customer service. I can’t go a day without Diet Coke, I always have my nails painted, and I’ll buy almost anything if it has Hello Kitty on it.

See the “About” page under menus on the footer of the site for the “unofficial” SkinnyRist bio 🙂 


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