Cleaning Your SkinnyRist Cobra Bangle!

You Need:

-Toothpaste with whitening agent

-Soft toothbrush

-Towel/cup of water/paper towels/etc


1) Brush the textured chain like you are brushing your teeth, but perhaps a bit more gentle….Put toothpaste on the brush and brush it directly on the chain. Rather than add more toothpaste dip your brush in the water cup and keep going – the foam it creates helps get in all the nooks and crannies too

2) Dip the brush in the water to rinse it regularly and change out the water when it gets murky

3) Rinse your chain and check for any spots you missed, repeat the process if necessary!

I tried this earlier on a cobra bracelet that I have in silver that I love and wear all the time and I didn’t even think it was dirty I just wanted to try this toothpaste business and see if it worked and I can’t believe how much dirt and grime came off! I forgot how shiny the chain was originally! I got so excited I whipped out all my cobras and started sprucing up the chain and I have to say they look gorgeous, just like new!


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