The Skinny: The Amazing Spiderman

A must-see and two thumbs up!

And I’m obsessing over more than just the ADORABLE Andrew Garfield! This version was much funnier and more lively than past renditions. It wasn’t just Mr. Garfield who brought much needed spark to the role, all those cast seemed to have bigger, more distinct personalities.

And Emma Stone? She plays Gwen Stacy who is a role model to put MJ to shame! I won’t give away too much, but Gwen does more than get dangled off balconies, she actually lends a hand to save the day.

Emma is just too cute as the outgoing, science-girl. Her and Andrew together are basically a dream team.

Another positive? This time around Parker is a bit of a genius, he even invents all of his own spidey-gear including the, for lack of a better name, wrist-web-shooters…you get a lot more background and better explanations this time around.


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