Training Your “Etsy Eye”

I am not only an Etsy seller, but an Etsy buyer! I have bought some of my favorite jewelry pieces, accessories, decorations and even Iphone cases! However, when you’re new to Etsy it can be difficult to weed out the truly quality products, listed at a bargain price, from those that might be less than worthy of your attention. So here are the basic rules I follow when I shop Etsy:

1) The shop’s appearance is professional.

Do they have a logo, color scheme, shop banner, etc? Do their pictures look professional and clean? Clean, clear pictures shot on a neutral background in a professional setting are usually trademark of a quality product. Think about it, someone serious about their craft takes the time to come across as serious and professional.

2) What does the photography show you? 

Hazy pictures taken at weird angles could be hiding flaws, make sure you can see everything you want to about the prodcut and it doesn’t look like they’re hiding any aspect of the product

3) Thorough product descriptions 

Descriptions should answer all your questions. Size, materials, special characteristics of the product that you should be aware of, etc. A good shop owner puts time into giving you the best possible explanation of what you are buying.

4) Feedback rating 

Most Etsy sellers have 100% positive feedback, if they don’t it should raise a red flag so investigate further and see if the rating appears to be the fault of one overly picky disgruntled customer or if it’s an ongoing complaint

5) Good customer service

Do they get back to you quickly and seem to care or do they just act like you’re another transaction that could live with or without? I think sometimes the larger shops can get lost in how many sales they have and tend to see someone with a lot of questions or who needs more personal attention as someone they could easily replace. You should never feel replaceable!


A Few More Tips: 

*Read the shop policies carefully so you know where the shop stands on things like payment, shipping and returns before you buy

*Don’t be afraid to send private messages with questions!

*Shop around! Check out all your options before you commit, sometimes Etsy requires you to search a bit 🙂


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