Chalk-Dye Your Tips

Me with my chalk-dyed do before the Sigma Nu paint party!

I’ve been seeing tons of pictures online lately of adorable tip-dyed hair, but I’m a bit too conservative to commit to actually using permanent dye…so I discovered using chalk for a temporary, one-night dye via a tutorial from The Beauty Department!

However, after trying this trick a few times I learned a few valuable things that have made this a lot easier and I wanted to share them with you!

Click to link to TBD’s post!

-Just like TBD said, twist your hair while you rub on the chalk because it really does help it release more pigment!

-You may have to buy and try a few colors, I bought a very dark purple that doesn’t show up in my hair at all and a light blue I bought works great

-Hairspray is key!! I spray my ends, then apply the chalk then spray again and then brush out the ends

-Have  a strategy. The first time I did this I applied chalk EVERYWHERE I looked like a spaz, the next time I used only two colors and did every other section of hair and it was a much better result

-Chalk before styling your hair, you have to pull your hair straight so if you’re say, curling it, you’ll ruin your curl. The heat also helps seal the color

Click to link to Dick Blick and buy some for yourself!

-Make sure to comb through the section when you’re done chalking…otherwise the chalk will turn to straight knots and it’s awful

-It pulls out some hair =/. I’ve noticed that when I do comb out the color it pulls out more hair than I normally use from a normal brushing, up to you if that’s a deal-breaker

-Wrap something over your shoulders/clothes while you chalk, it goes EVERYWHERE and gets on your neck/hands/you name it. Good news: it comes off skin really easily with soap and water.

-Try fish-tail braiding or curling your colored locks, it looks really cute and boho-chic

-I bought my chalk from Dick Blick Art Supplies as recommended by TBD, but make sure wherever you buy that you get soft pastels!

Colors Used:

Pink Lake 272, Ultramarine Blue 388, Steel Blue 710, Coral 925, Cobalt Blue 354

Before the Alpha Delta Pi senior bar crawl!


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