Rushing A Sorority: Tips from the Other Side

I joined a sorority as a freshman and I’ve been on the “other side”, the inside if you will, of the top recruiting house on our campus for 3 years. From that experience, here is my advice to any girls considering going through recruitment…

1) We are as nervous as you!

Going through recruitment c an be nerve-wracking and you think that the girls in houses are as calm and confident as can be but the truth is we’re just as nervous! My first time talking to a girl as a recruiter I couldn’t make my leg stop shaking!

2) While you are trying to impress us, we’re also trying to impress you!

A sorority can be ruined by not making their numbers, therefore we are trying as hard as we can to win you over. We want every girl to want us, including you!

3) If you love a house, they probably love you. If you felt awkward, they probably did too. Recruitment is a mutual selection process!

4) Look like you care!

I once had to talk to a girl who was wearing her running shoes, sunglasses on her head, beat up jeans and some old t-shirt and while we’re not about judging you on looks, if you show up dressed like you don’t care you give off the vibe that you don’t want to be there and we don’t want you to be anywhere you don’t want to be. We wear skirts and heels and work very hard to look put together and present an image that shows we respect ourselves and you, show us the same respect.

Recruitment Look Dos and Don’ts: 

*Don’t overdo your make up, you’re talking face to face with one girl at a time about 6 inches from her face, she will notice if you look cakey

*Do dress classy, you’re not trying to seduce your potential sisters so cleavage and short skirts can stay in the closet at home

*Don’t wear anything too uncomfortable or hard to move in. Recruitment can get crowded you might be sitting on benches, crouching, or just standing for long periods so stow the 6 inch spike heels and opt for some more comfortable wedges or strappy sandals

*Do look cute and put thought into your look!

5) Let that personality shine!

You have only a few minutes to leave an impression, and hundreds of girls come through a day. Be memorable! And for our house the most stand-out thing about girls, the girls we remember and are still talking about even hours after they leave are the ones with great personalities. It’s okay if you’re shy, but try to push yourself because you have to make a connection to be remembered

6) Do anything to stand out

Wear a really unique accessory or outfit – don’t get too crazy but I’ve sometimes remembered a girl as “the girl in the pink jacket”, “the girl with the cute bracelet”.

Something you say can stand out too, when I went through my mom had just moved to Germany so I’m sure I was “the girl who’s mom lives in Germany” but it was an identifier and identifiers make you memorable



7) Do not talk about drinking, drugs, partying, or any other less than classy/potentially illegal activity

We’re not allowed to talk about it so it makes us feel awkward when you bring it up and that’s not the thing we want to remember about you. You don’t want to be remembered as the party girl

8) Pay attention, act excited to be there

My #1 turn-off is a girl who acts like she’s above it all, when I can tell she has no interest in being at my house. That’s fine you don’t want to join, but have common courtesy enough to at least be polite. Besides, you never know when your top house will release you and we’re all you’ve got. Have manners.

9) What does the house stand for?

Liste closely when a sorority talks about it’s values, founding and rituals because these things are the core and the essence of the house and they are what shape all actions of the house. I remember hearing my sororities open motto for the first time and getting the chills because it was something I wanted to be a part of and something I could see these sisters truly lived

10) Be yourself

Don’t fake some aspect of who you are to impress a house because sure you might get in, but then what? Then you’re in a house that thinks you’re someone you’re not. Besides, you want to join a house with sisters that are like you and you don’t have to put on a mask around.

Find girls who love you for who you are and want to help you become the best possible version of yourself. A sisterhood is your foundation, your rock, the people you can count on to be your strength, they are your new family.


*Hazing is NEVER okay. By offering you a bid the sorority is accepting you for exactly who you are and there is no reason you should have to “prove” yourself to your supposed sisters by doing anything uncomfortable, embarrassing, dangerous or unfair.

*You get out what you put in, show up to every event, hold a position, get involved and your sorority will become everything you hope for. If you don’t a give some effort you will be disappointed

*You are always wearing your letters, people know what house you’re in even if you think they don’t. Respect your letters and your sisters. 

*It’s not just 4 years, sisters are for life


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