My Top 10 Summer Time-Wasters

1. Crafting Obvi!!

It’s been bracelet city at my place this summer, new designs, styles and colors like you wouldn’t believe

2. Supernatural

The show, I’m not practicing witchcraft or anything weird here…seriously check it out it’s crazy addicting. This show really does have it all two gorgeous male leads (the Winchester brothers) and the monster-related mysteries at the center of each episode keeps you totally hooked. There’s also a larger ongoing plot line – I’m telling you my boyfriend and I started on season 1 a few months ago and we’ve already finished all 6 seasons offered on Netflix, which leaves us in quite a pickle because there’s still a season 7….

3. Greek

Again the show, I’m re-watching from season 1 and while I love it it’s making me seriously sad to be an alum! I’ve started this show from the first season so many times and something comes up that prevents me from finishing it, but this time I’m going all the way! Maybe the appeal of this show comes from my own background being Greek, but regardless I’m a super fan and it sure helps to pass the time!

4. Reading on my Kindle

A few of the books on my summer reading list: The Messenger, The Book Thief, Everything is Illuminated, and A Wrinkle in Time. I actually love my Kindle despite how skeptical I was of them to begin with, but now I love having all my books in one little device rather than the small mountain normally stacked at my bedside. The one downside? I think I forgot my charger at my apartment in Chico…and I’m halfway through a book….

5. Online shopping

The most expensive time waster…Urban Outfitters, Free People, Nordstroms, America Apparel, it’s getting kind of rough on my poor, sad, bank account

6. Beautification

Facials, mani/pedi, etc. Perfect time for catching up on beauty rituals you’ve been neglecting! Here are some links to great DIY at home spa treatments that you can try:

College Fashion

The Cubicle Chick

My Beauty Bunny


7. Blogging

Hello wordpress and tumblr! Start a blog for yourself, it doesn’t matter if no one is reading it, it’s relaxing and therapeutic just to write and have a space to express yourself. You could start a themed blog or just write whatever comes to mind!

8. Catching up with friends who become long-distance when I’m at school

I have lots of friends who end up hundreds of miles away from me as soon as the fall semester starts and summer is the only extended period of time I have to get back in touch and hang out with a lot of them. Rekindling past relationships can remind you how close you once were and be a great trip down memory lane.

9. Learn a new skill

I’m trying to hone my photography skills to improve Etsy pics! It’s more work than I have really anticipated between lighting and background and figuring out all my camera settings. But I’m loving learning all my camera is capable of and my pictures improve everyday. Along with photography I’ve had to learn photo-editing to further improve my product photos. What have you always wanted to learn, but never had the time for?

10. Sleeping!!!

There are few things I love more than sleeping my day away and catching up on much needed rest

How are you spending your summer?? 


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