So the other day I saw a spider in my bathroom and armed with a can of hair spray I bravely went after it, but the coward hid under the bath mat. So, in order to expose him and make him more vulnerable to my aerosol assault I flipped the mat over, but I was a bit over zealous and I flipped it into the bath tub. In the chaos I lost track of said spider and just abandoned the whole mission.

Now it’s a day later and I need to shower…bath mat is still in the tub and I have this irrational fear that when I move the mat out of the tub the spider, who has been lying in wait all this time, will finally be able to execute his revenge. Wish me luck.

What the spider looks like in my warped memory of the event:

Sexy picture of Andrew Garfield that I came across while searching “spider” images:

More pictures of Andrew Garfield so I stop visualizing spiders….

Hello, hello..I would probably eat a spider if it scored me a date with this guy. Don’t tell my boyfriend. Or Emma Stone…she’s adorable, but she looks like a scrapper and I have no upper body strength. Okay time to stop drooling and get in the shower…


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