Emma Stone

Okay, so Emma Stone has more than just a boyfriend I go ga-ga over, I actually think she’s pretty amazing as well. She’s cute, funny, great actress and her style is absolutely inspired. It’s got us inspired anyways…

So Stone did a few appearances on TV shows, and even had a heartbreaking experience auditioning for Heroes when she overheard the casting team call Hayden Panettierre an 11 during her audition. She caught the attention of the masses when she hit the big time with Superbad as Jules, we were also introduced to Emma the redhead! Turns out she’s naturally a bombshell blonde. Some of her bigger titles include The House Bunny, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Zombieland, Easy A, The Help, Crazy Stupid Love and finally The Amazing Spiderman.

Disturbingly, I also found out her raspy voice is due to having colic as a baby – it gave her callouses on her vocal cords. How do people find these things out? Anyways, Emma has gotten to star with, and make-out with, some of Hollywoods most select man candy.

Emma’s Impressive Repertoire:

Chris Lowell


Penn Badgley


Ryan Gosling


My personal favorite – Andrew Garfield


Now let’s talk Emma style. She’s gorgeous, no doubt and lately she’s been blowin’ up the scene with appearances in fashion mags and stealing the spotlight at red carpet events. Here are some of our favorite Emma looks:





Emma could NOT get any cuter as Gwen Stacy in the new Spiderman movie. Not only can she pull of high fashion, she does geek-chic like a professional, and we’re simply smitten with her sexy librarian look – she’s made more than just Peter Parker gaga for Gwen!


And don’t even get me started on Andrew + Emma!! They’re so damn cute I’m not even repulsed by any public displays of affection, I sort of just find it charming…

Although they do sort of have me screaming WHY NOT ME?!?! WHY NOT ME?!?! I guess if I had to choose anyone to be Andrew’s main squeeze it would have to be the adorable, cheeky and charming Emma. I feel some Emma-Inspired SkinnyRist designs coming your way…One more A. Garfield pic to close out this post…


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