Baking Soda Exfoliant?

Yes baking soda! So recently I broke out with this god awful zit, I mean one for the record books and being who I am I started poking and picking it, thus angering the volcano god and creating some kind of cataclysmic event and I immediately whipped out my computer to start researching home remedies. See, last time I had a zit like this and I went to my dermatologist he snuck up on me with a syringe of cortisone and shot it in my face. Effective, but so painful.

Then, I came across this baking soda business and I’m a fan! Some people even wrote that they have struggled with acne for as long as 10 years and baking soda worked over all other harsh acne solutions. I made a baking soda-water paste and applied it to the mountain on my forehead and it immediately felt better, so I would be sold for the pain relief alone.

However, I also noticed a decrease in redness and swelling. I started mixing baking soda with face-wash for an exfoliating treatment that I read about online and my skin is so soft and smooth. The face wash treatment plus a little of the concentrated paste on real problem areas and I am proud to be acne free, even a week before my period 😉

I’ve also read you can add baking soda to bath water to soften skin, use it as an antacid, deodorant, itch relief, bee sting relief, canker sore treatment, breath freshener, and relieve heart burn. Guess I’ll always be keeping a box handy!


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