A Polished Obsession

I do my nails like…a minimum of one a week. It’s lightweight obsessive. It all started when I was living in my sorority house and for a sisterhood we bought $150 worth of OPI nail polish and it got to live at the house. Every time I came downstairs, no lie, people were doing their nails. Then my roommate and I discovered our own shared obsession for nail polish and between the two of us I think we bought almost every color of China Glaze. No, really though – Sally’s had a 2/$5 sale and it got weird.

Anyways here is one of my FAVORITE colors – For Audrey – with Lush and Luxe from the Hunger Games collection on top! Cute yeah? Try to focus on the color rather than my claw-like pose…I’ve always had ungraceful hands. When I was in figure skating I made my coach crazy because I was so graceful on the ice, except for my “catcher’s mitt” hands. Luckily, I only wasted 7 years….



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