Bracelets: a History

So it’s common knowledge that arm parties are hot fashion now, but doesn’t it tickle your curiosity as to how bracelets have managed to be a relevant fashion accessory for thousands of years…The origin of the word is Greek “brachile” meaning of the arm. Bracelets have existed since as far back as 5000 BCE!!!

Originally made out of bones, wood and stone to serve spiritual and religious purposes, now we rock bangles and bracelets nearly elbow high for totally different reasons but that doesn’t mean they’re not just as culturally significant. In Bulgaria, it’s tradition to tie red and white string around the wrist to bring spring earlier. The Greeks are on board with the red-white string tying too, but they did it from March through the summer to protect the wearer from the strong Greek sun. And in India wearing bangles denotes a woman’s marital status.

Now bracelets can mean a host of things – rave candy, charm bracelets with charms that represent moments and memories, friendship bracelets between friends, or just hot fashion accessories!


SkinnyRist Bracelets


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