Fall 2012 – Back To School Fashion

Okay so heading back to school is never anyone’s favorite event but it can be made way more fun by using it as an excuse to hit the mall and scoop up the hottest fall trends! So what are the fashion experts saying? We’ve been perusing the web to find out!

Glamour Says:

-Red is the new black, adding pops of color to your ensemble is so in for fall

-Black and white contrasting, wearing black and white together is hot, hot, hot!

 Opposing Forces Buttondown $98

 SkinnyRist Mini Cobras $12

-According to glamour.com, “the trendiest shade is pale, slate gray…[it’s] cool neutral…[and] figure flattering”

 Isn’t She Peasant Blouse $88SkinnyRist Shady Lady Gray Cobra $20

Elle Says:

-Gold is IN

Michael KorsSkinnyRist She’s Golden Bangle $20

-Oversized is the fashion-forward fit for fall (holy alliteration Batman!)

 Shaggy Knit Pullover $98




2 thoughts on “Fall 2012 – Back To School Fashion

  1. I love your bracelets and how they go so well with the fall trends! I love bright colors but I have to admit that sometimes I think neutral shades are the most flattering. Gold is my favorite color/metal to rock! I have noticed all of the gold and other metallic colors designers have used in their clothing for the fall. If you are interested, I recently wrote an article about the trendy shiny fabric! http://thefashionfoot.com/2012/08/09/shimmery-shiny-sparkly-fabrics-for-fall/

    • I’m really into the new colors for fall it’s a great combo of color and neutral and YES gold absolutely! I will have to check out that post!

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