Pitch Perfect is…

I had to leave the title at that because I sat here so long thinking of the a witty title that would rival how witty this movie is and I came up blank. Guess that’s why I make jewelry and don’t write move scripts…So I realize I’m behind on this and I actually saw the movie right when it came out (and again last week…) and was (and still am…) obsessed!

But as my previous post explains, I’ve been a bit preoccupied. Yet it is time to give this genius blend of Glee-style covers and expert one-liners its due credit.

First of all, if you’ve read prior posts you know I’m a HUGE fan of Rebel Wilson so I knew I’d be seeing this movie even despite my hesitation. The commercials were awesome, but I was worried it was one of those movies that gave it all away in the previews – false! The moments captured in the trailers are just the tip of the comedic ice berg!

There are so many great subtle little one-liners that even when I saw this movie a second time I was dying because of all the little quips I missed the first time around, for example:

Aubrey: I can see your toner through those jeans*! 

Beca: That’s my dick…

*A musical boner

I mean I suppose it appeals very much to a particular humor, but I loved it, my boyfriend loved it, and my mom loved it so right there you’ve got cross-sex and cross-generational appeal!

No doubt, Rebel steals the show in the comedy department (although competition is fierce with some of her supporting ensemble!) but it’s Skylar Astin who shines as the leading man you can’t help but love. Something about him is just so damn charming!!

Astin got his start (as so many who have pioneered the Glee-style TV/movie niche) in Spring Awakening alongside Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff. He played Georg a classmate of the lead character Melchior who “lusts after his busty piano teacher” (youtube the song “bitch of living”).

Alongside Astin is Anna Kendrick who is quick to crack a joke, but barely a smile for Astin’s character who spends most of the movie chasing after Beca only to be rejected and humiliated time and time again.

Overall, I can’t say enough for this movie on a comedic scale. I don’t know much about singing so I can’t give you any critical feedback on that, but it’s so funny and the actors in it are flipping adorable – just go see it.


Do I Know You???

ITS ME!!!! Holy cow I know I live, I’m sure you were AWFULLY worried!!! If you didn’t know, I’m a student teacher and it’s basically eating my life. This semester has been exhausting and exhilarating all at once and I’m still trying to decide how that’s even possible.

I work with 6th graders 3 days a week (and cram 15 hours of class in on thurs/fri…whoever designed the schedule is a little deranged) and in just 1 short week I do my first week of solo teaching – exciting, but also means I’m in a for a very long week of lesson planning. Despite all of the work I can’t help but feel a little heartbroken that my time at my phase I placement is almost over. It will definitely be more than a little saddening to walk away from my class of 18 fantastic learners.

They are truly some of the most unique and talented young people I’ve ever met. I suppose they’ll never know (unless they go on to be teachers someday I suppose…) just how much they’ve impacted who I am and shaped the teacher I am becoming. I owe them a lot – especially for they’re ceaseless patience while I muddle through poorly paced, half-thought, “out-of-the-box” lesson ideas.

So that should explain my err..disappearance! However, I took Thanksgiving break as an opportunity to catch up on some crafting! No pictures of new colors yet, but they’ll be up soon! I’ve also got some big things planned for the upcoming holiday season! Stay tuned!