SkinnyRist is an online shop specializing in unique, handmade bracelets. You can shop SkinnyRist on our Etsy site! The number one goal of SkinnyRist is customer satisfaction and we will do everything possible to ensure that you have a positive experience both with your SkinnyRist product and with your buying experience. SkinnyRist bracelets are not available anywhere except from our online Etsy shop! So in order to score your new favorite accessory you have to check out our online storefront, and browse the wide selection of styles and designs. You can stay updated on upcoming designs, get exclusive coupon codes and more by following SkinnyRist: the Blog or signing up for SkinnyRist: the Newsletter.

The Skinny on SkinnyRist

Maybe your wrists are too small…the inconvenience that drove me to design

I originally got into making jewelry, bracelets specifically, as a solution to a problem – my wrists are oddly small and basically every bracelet I liked was too big and slid right off my hand. People consistently commented about the bizarrely narrow width of my wrists, especially because they rest of my upper extremities are totally normal in size…So I started making my own bracelets that were the right size for me to wear and I got a little carried away.

Once I started making jewelry, I couldn’t stop. All I wanted to do was try new designs and styles and once I mastered a style I insisted on making it in every color I could get my hands on. It wasn’t until my sorority sisters I was sharing house with encouraged me that I considered selling my creations. I had been selling locally to my sisters and friends at school for a while before I was convinced to take the next step and join Etsy as a seller.

My roommates used to joke and call my room the “sweatshop” because I spend all my free time trying new designs and techniques and you can usually find me barricaded behind my desk by a wall of supplies. It became customary for girls to “shop” in my room before we’d go out and pick their favorites out of my steadily increasing supply.

I love seeing my friends wear my designs, and getting sales on Etsy is even better. It’s not so much the money, it’s that someone out there who doesn’t know me, who has never met me, saw my jewelry and loved it enough to buy it and wear it. It’s the excitement of making a connection with a stranger, know that you don’t know each other, but you share a love of the same bracelet.

A huge philosophy of my shop is quality. It’s derived from an experience that was the final straw that drove me to investigate making my own jewelry. I bought a few bracelets from a store that shall remain unnamed and paid a pretty lofty price for them and the first time I wore them out they broke!! I was so distraught, partly because I just doled out a chunk of change for a super lame product but more because I really, really liked those bracelets and now they were headed for the trash can. This experience made me strive for quality and durability right from the beginning. I didn’t want to make something, get attached and have it break so my jewelry can take pretty much anything you throw at it.

As I said before I’m constantly flattered by shop sales so you can bet I’ll go above and beyond to satisfy my customers! I also love getting custom orders. My friends always ask me to make them bracelets, but I always want to know what they want and what they like. Sisters used to bring me pictures of bracelets and ask me to make them and I loved trying to figure out how to create the design they liked. Custom orders are particularly fun when the customer wants something I never thought of – maybe a unique color combination or design combination. I’m always up for a new challenge.

I hope my shop is a success, but honestly, I’d be doing this anyways so I guess it’s not the end of the world. Even if I never sold a single creation, I’d still be holed up in my “sweatshop” working because I love to make jewelry. My roommates always ask how I can work at it for so long and how I do it after a long day of classes or work and I guess it’s because it’s my yoga. It’s my way to relax and get my mind off anything that happened that day. When I’m making bracelets I’m focused on working on that design and I get to leave behind the rest of the world.

SkinnyRist features a wide selection across an array of designs and I am always updating and learning and working to create more so you can count on SkinnyRist to be your go to place for the newest, the hottest, the greatest. My ultimate goal is that you visit my shop and find your new favorite accessory 🙂


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