Gimp Bracelets Are On Fire, but what makes them so hot?

If you frequent Etsy then you know about brands like helloberry, Doctor’s Closet, Punch Bracelets, Foxy Doll, SkinnyRist (hey ohhh), and more that specialize in gimp arm candy. But what is it about these super unique, ultra trendy bangles that’s got everyone going crazy? We came up with our top 10 reasons that gimp bracelets are your style must-have:

1) Color: gold and silver chain is gorgeous, but the extra pop of color that you get from the gimp lacing is what makes these bracelets extra special and extraordinary

2) Different: lanyard bracelets were popular back in the camp days, but they’re renewed now for a style that takes a retro favorite and mixes it with fashion chain – there’s nothing like it in the mainstream…not yet anyways

3) Affordable: these bracelets range from $50-$10! SkinnyRist regular cobra bangles are only $18, and our mini cobras are just $12 so you can collect them all and stack them high for the cutest arm party ever!

4) Variety: every shop has a huge variety of colors and styles, because there are many stores selling these bracelets on Etsy there’s competition to be the first to come out with the new hit style so shops are constantly searching for new, undiscovered styles and ways to use gimp!

5) Easy to Wear: I have a think about being comfortable and I can’t stand to wear jewelry that isn’t easy to wear, durable, and comfortable. Gimp bracelets are lightweight, come in a variety of sizes if you prefer extra large or more delicate and are made to take a beating and last through ti

6) Eye-Catching: pretty much everywhere I go wearing SkinnyRist I get asked about my bracelets, where did I get them? When I say I made them people get so impressed and want to know how or compliment my interesting jewelry. People always think gimp bracelets are incredibly unique and interesting and want to know more

7) Retro: I love the look on people’s faces when I tell them my bracelet is made from gimp like the old school craft lacing that you used back in the camp days they laugh and then they have to see it again and love that it’s a modern, grown-up twist on a retro favorite!

8) Versatile: these bracelets can dress up or down, I wear them running errands, to school, out with friends on the weekends and my mom wears them (the ones she pilfers from my stash…) to all the same places and even to work (she’s a VP of sales), which is a huge deal because she’s crazy particular about how she dresses for work

9) Guaranteed Handmade: the only way to make these gorgeous accessories is by hand so you know that each one is totally unique and handmade, while the possibility for variety might distress some people most will think it’s very cool that every piece of jewelry is 100% made to order for them personally

10) They haven’t peaked yet: these bracelets are crazy popular on Etsy, but no main stream stores have started mass producing cobra-style chunky chain bracelets yet that means that they haven’t even started trending so they can only get hotter as major designers start picking them up!

What are you waiting for? Go Get Yours NOW!! 


Romance Is Trending For Fall!

The big prediction for fall is a romantic look to jewelry, cream and rose hues and anything with a vintage look – especially gold! 70s vintage is also going to be big with muted-tone metals and jewelry featuring geometric patterns. Earth tones and leaf/flower prints are also said to be making their way into major designs.

1) Geometric Drop Earrings 2) Cutout Triple Arrow Necklace 3) Dream Catcher Necklace 4) Dusty Rose Enamel Hoops

This is a blog for a JEWELRY business, so you had to know we were going to tackle what’s coming up and super hot for fall 2012 because an outfit is nothing without a seriously stylish arm party! 1) Alexander McQueen & 2) Ben-Amun Bangles – wide and full of color these arm party classics are here to stay! 3) Chunky Chain – nothing compliments an extra-wide bangle than a matching bracelet with extra-wide chain, this over the top and attention-grabbing trend is back for the fall! 4) Alternative Colors – funky color combinations and big pops of color are in, wear a piece like this to brighten a neutral-tone ensemble!

Looking for more affordable ways to rock these trends? Don’t worry we got you covered! 1) SkinnyRist Shady Lady Gray Cobra Bangle: chunky gold chain and Pantone color pick for fall Titanium! 2) SurLhistoire Vintage Enamel Cuff: boasts a beautiful neutral cream color and the extra-wide cuff style! 3) ItsCalledJewelry Pyramid Cuff: super trendy with the contrast of bright metal and colored crystal detail! 4) Oiajules Chunky Gold Chain Link Bracelet: extra chunky gold curb chain plus a pop of color with a faceted aquamarine quartz!

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SkinnyRist Twice As Nice Bangles Get a Make Over!

Now featuring 6 links instead of the usual 4 in smooth gold instead of silver and in brand new colors like Black Diamond, She Blue Me Away, Freshly Minted, and more!


Gatsby Fashion Is IN for Fall

With Leo’s new movie looming, the newest remake of the classic novel The Great Gatsby, designers are throwing themselves at the mercy of 1920s fashion trends. Staples like the cloche hat, flapper dresses, and sexy sling-backs are a must for the true Gatsby woman.

 The above photo is a highlight from the Ralph Lauren runway show, he may have bombed the Olympic uniforms a bit but he’s certainly on target with his Gatsby inspired clothing line. You can go back to school 1920s style too!  Prefer to show your Gatsby fandom without dressing in character everyday? Rep your love of this classic in a more modern way with OutOfPrintClothing.comAnd if you’re not sure yet if you’re committed to the story, and reading’s not your thing, fall in love when you see the movie based on the book that’s cast Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby, the perfect classic actor to play the most classic character in literary history. 

Rebel Wilson Funny Is Fabulous!!

 Rebel Wilson, probably best known for her role as the creepy, British roommate of main character Annie in Bridesmaids is taking over the Hollywood scene now staring in Bachelorette with stars like Kristen Dunst, Isla Fisher and James Marsden. She’s also going to have a major part in Anna Kendrick‘s new movie Pitch Perfect as “Fat Amy”. Brittany Snow, Elizabeth Banks and Anna Camp will also be listed in the credits as major characters. Rebel is hilarious, easily one of my favorite actresses because she leaves me in stitches with every part she plays! Without the movie even having been released she’s already given me my new favorite line to quote, (in response to  a boy suggesting they kiss) “I sometimes think I can do crystal meth but then I think nah better not”.  Check out the Pitch Perfect trailer for yourself!!  If you haven’t giggled at Rebel’s antics yet then you live in a cave because you haven’t seen Bridesmaids and I’ve seen it like 150 times (no exaggeration I can literally quote 90% of the movie courtesy of my sorority houses obsession with playing it NON STOP for weeks when it came out), I’ll help catch you up and bring you the joy of Rebel Wilson in Bridesmaids:

Tattoo Scene 

Diary Scene 

Rebel (which is her given name) is Australian and was raised by her three siblings Liberty, Ryot and Annachi. She attended University of New South Wales where she pursued Law and Arts. As a Rotary Youth International Ambassador she was stationed in South Africa and she contracted Malaria, which gave her a hallucination of being an award winning actress and she was convinced to change her career path!! Now on top of acting she’s a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig and she’s lost about 20 lbs, but the directors of Pitch Perfect didn’t want her to lose anymore weight before the film! Her filming contract stated she maintain her size, but once obligations are lifted she plans to begin dieting again and reach her target weight loss goal of 80 kg. Go Girl! Related articles

Not Everyone Cheats!

The Robsten post was lightweight depressing so to boost your mood and renew your hope for young love here’s a more endearing post about Miley and fiancé Liam HemsworthThey may be young but they certainly are cute together, so if cute counts for anything we can bank on this pair making it for the long haul. Regardless, one should never hope a pair doesn’t make it, so to all the haters boasting about how they’ll be divorced in a month we say enough outta you! SkinnyRist is sending only good vibes in their direction! Miley seems genuinely smitten, she tweeted that she loves being a fiancee and “will I ever quit staring at my finger?” 

Miley recently posed for Marie Claire and her spread is BOMB she looks absolutely amazing and you’d never guess she was a product of the Disney Channel! In her high fashion looks and poses she truly looks like a model and not the bubblegum pop singer we once knew. Miley is officially a fashion icon and a style leader I’ll be following from now on! I haven’t caught her new flick LOL yet, but it’s on On Demand so it might be on the agenda this week. By the way did you know the starlets real name is Destiny Cyrus? My favorite (one of my favorite) movies is Big Fish and I re-watched it once after Miley’s rise to stardom and swore I saw her face as one of the young kids in a flashback scene but the credits rolled the name “Destiny Cyrus” I googled it and sure enough she changed her name to Miley in honor of her dad’s nickname for her, Smiley. She’s come a long way since her Destiny days for sure: Okay this girl takes the cake when it comes to hot leading men, first her soon to be hubby and now Douglas Booth in LOL Seriously envious of her slouchy off the shoulder sweaters and distressed denim outfits in this flick by the way…Okay this post is almost over but first a quick blast from the past and Miley Cyrus with Vanessa Hudgens circa 2006!