Pitch Perfect is…

I had to leave the title at that because I sat here so long thinking of the a witty title that would rival how witty this movie is and I came up blank. Guess that’s why I make jewelry and don’t write move scripts…So I realize I’m behind on this and I actually saw the movie right when it came out (and again last week…) and was (and still am…) obsessed!

But as my previous post explains, I’ve been a bit preoccupied. Yet it is time to give this genius blend of Glee-style covers and expert one-liners its due credit.

First of all, if you’ve read prior posts you know I’m a HUGE fan of Rebel Wilson so I knew I’d be seeing this movie even despite my hesitation. The commercials were awesome, but I was worried it was one of those movies that gave it all away in the previews – false! The moments captured in the trailers are just the tip of the comedic ice berg!

There are so many great subtle little one-liners that even when I saw this movie a second time I was dying because of all the little quips I missed the first time around, for example:

Aubrey: I can see your toner through those jeans*! 

Beca: That’s my dick…

*A musical boner

I mean I suppose it appeals very much to a particular humor, but I loved it, my boyfriend loved it, and my mom loved it so right there you’ve got cross-sex and cross-generational appeal!

No doubt, Rebel steals the show in the comedy department (although competition is fierce with some of her supporting ensemble!) but it’s Skylar Astin who shines as the leading man you can’t help but love. Something about him is just so damn charming!!

Astin got his start (as so many who have pioneered the Glee-style TV/movie niche) in Spring Awakening alongside Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff. He played Georg a classmate of the lead character Melchior who “lusts after his busty piano teacher” (youtube the song “bitch of living”).

Alongside Astin is Anna Kendrick who is quick to crack a joke, but barely a smile for Astin’s character who spends most of the movie chasing after Beca only to be rejected and humiliated time and time again.

Overall, I can’t say enough for this movie on a comedic scale. I don’t know much about singing so I can’t give you any critical feedback on that, but it’s so funny and the actors in it are flipping adorable – just go see it.


Rebel Wilson Funny Is Fabulous!!

 Rebel Wilson, probably best known for her role as the creepy, British roommate of main character Annie in Bridesmaids is taking over the Hollywood scene now staring in Bachelorette with stars like Kristen Dunst, Isla Fisher and James Marsden. She’s also going to have a major part in Anna Kendrick‘s new movie Pitch Perfect as “Fat Amy”. Brittany Snow, Elizabeth Banks and Anna Camp will also be listed in the credits as major characters. Rebel is hilarious, easily one of my favorite actresses because she leaves me in stitches with every part she plays! Without the movie even having been released she’s already given me my new favorite line to quote, (in response to  a boy suggesting they kiss) “I sometimes think I can do crystal meth but then I think nah better not”.  Check out the Pitch Perfect trailer for yourself!!  If you haven’t giggled at Rebel’s antics yet then you live in a cave because you haven’t seen Bridesmaids and I’ve seen it like 150 times (no exaggeration I can literally quote 90% of the movie courtesy of my sorority houses obsession with playing it NON STOP for weeks when it came out), I’ll help catch you up and bring you the joy of Rebel Wilson in Bridesmaids:

Tattoo Scene 

Diary Scene 

Rebel (which is her given name) is Australian and was raised by her three siblings Liberty, Ryot and Annachi. She attended University of New South Wales where she pursued Law and Arts. As a Rotary Youth International Ambassador she was stationed in South Africa and she contracted Malaria, which gave her a hallucination of being an award winning actress and she was convinced to change her career path!! Now on top of acting she’s a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig and she’s lost about 20 lbs, but the directors of Pitch Perfect didn’t want her to lose anymore weight before the film! Her filming contract stated she maintain her size, but once obligations are lifted she plans to begin dieting again and reach her target weight loss goal of 80 kg. Go Girl! Related articles