SkinnyRist Twice As Nice Bangles Get a Make Over!

Now featuring 6 links instead of the usual 4 in smooth gold instead of silver and in brand new colors like Black Diamond, She Blue Me Away, Freshly Minted, and more!



To Infinity and Beyond!

We love infinity symbols at SR, they’re super understated and cute and have meaning too – we all want something to last forever, right? I guess Brandy Melville agrees because she just released (and we ordered) these super cute tees and tanks see all her looks here: Brandy Melville USA

How cute to pair with our BRAND NEW and not yet released SkinnyRist Mini Infinity Cobra!

Stay tuned for more info and release dates of new products like the SkinnyRist Mini Infinity Cobra and others!

SaboSkirt Inspired!

I LOVE SaboSkirt it’s an Australian based company that makes THE CUTEST dresses, skirts, tops, and more! Right now their tea dresses are too hot not to notice and we couldn’t help but think how perfectly these dresses would pair with some SkinnyRist arm accessories!

The color of the skirt in this mint tea dress is so perfect we’d stick to this color scheme and just play it up with matching mint mini twice as nice bangle and complementary colors black and/or gray!

SaboSkirt Mint Tea Dress $68.00

SkinnyRist Mini Twice as Nice Bangles $12.00

With this super elegant all black version of the tea dress we’d take advantage of the monochrome color scheme and go color crazy with accessories, specifically SkinnyRist Mini Cobra bangles!

SaboSkirt Black Tea Dress $68.00

SkinnyRist Mini Cobra Bangles $12.00

SR’s Top 10 Must Have Beauty Products

1. Neutrogena Foaming Facial Cleanser 

It’s gentle and works great, plus I’ve had like 5 different dermatologists recommend it! I don’t go to a weird amount of dermatologists I was just part of this health academy in high school and we had all these guest speakers and every dermatologist that spoke to us always had great things to say about Neutrogena products so I always go Neutrogena when in doubt! Love that it’s also a make-up remover so you save a step, and save money on make-up removers!

Since there’s no added acne-fighters or micro-scrubbers or anything weird you can use it everyday, sometimes I end up washing my face multiple times a day and I know it won’t over dry or damage my face since there’s nothing added. This cleanser is my hands-down go to cleanser and I always have some in stock in my bathroom.

2. Covergirl Lashblast

Easily the best mascara I’ve ever used for both thickness and length, and basically every roommate I’ve ever had has agreed 🙂 Just be careful you read what color you’re getting because I always end up grabbing  brown instead of black and then my eyelashes look weird. Okay so I’m probably the only one who notices that my eyelashes are slightly lighter than normal, but still.

3. Neutrogena Skin Clearing Make-up 

Good for your skin and it covers any existing blemish beautifully! I rarely wear foundation because I feel like since I have such fair skin it makes me look kind of cakey, but this stuff is super light and says it fights blemishes while you wear it. Mostly, I like how light it is and it’s easy to find your right shade so you don’t feel discolored….

4. MAC eye shadow base 

Eyeshadow base I’ve discovered is essential to a long lasting look and since I discovered that little gem I started my hunt for a base that really worked. MAC is great for long lasting wear, this stuff smoothes your lid to give you a clean, even palette to work with and provides mad staying power! My smokey eye looks cute all night and never hits that weird smudgy point were you start to look like a beat up prostitute..which can be super awkward..

5. MAC eyeliner

Stays on great for as long as you’re wearing it and it smudges just enough so you can smooth the lines and keep it from looking super clean, but it’s not going to rub off on everything and everywhere and make a mess, which only adds to the beat hooker look mentioned above…

6. Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Moisturizer

I LOVE this stuff, I swear my skin is perfect when I’m using it regularly and it’s gentle enough that it won’t over dry skin. I used to borrow it from my friend all the time when we’d go swimming at her house and my skin would get crazy dry from being in the water and then the sun. I finally got my own and I can’t go back to using anything else!

My face dries out so easily, but I also break out like anyone else so I have a really hard time finding a moisturizer that both fights acne and keeps me from being totally dried out.

7. Mr. Pumice 

I have a weird thing for pumice stones, I don’t know what it is but I’ve always counted them among my beauty must haves and Mr. Pumice makes my favorite! They’re lightweight enough so that you don’t actually feel like you’re using an actual stone on your body, which can be a bit much.

8. Seche Vite Base and Top Coat

I love this stuff! Okay it smells like chemical death, but I swear you use this stuff and your nail polish will never come off. Some people have problems with shrinkage, but as long as you use plenty you shouldn’t have a problem. My favorite thing about it though is the quick dry feature of the top coat.

Your nail polish dries in 5 minutes max, usually faster. It also dries all the way through not just the top so it still squishes and smudges the under layers like some polishes do. I’m definitely a fan and won’t be switching to any other brand for my base and top coat any time soon!

9. Crest Vivid White Toothpaste

I can’t really whiten my teeth because I have crazy sensitive teeth, but I also hate having  yellow teeth so I started using this toothpaste because my boyfriend uses it, and his roommates (which are his entire frat…).

I love it because it doesn’t make my teeth sensitive and painful like whitening strips, but I notice a real difference in the whiteness of my teeth! Whenever I don’t use it I can tell because my teeth start to look dingy and I loose that extra white look they normally have with Vivid White!

10. Flowerbomb Perfume 

Okay this is my #1 beauty weakness!! This perfume smells amazing, but it’s about $150 a bottle so I’m currently out until the next gifting holiday rolls around 😦 regardless I’m obsessed. I wear it so much people say they smell me before the see me…in a good way. It’s become my signature scent and I adore the mix of florals with subtle vanilla making it sweet without being nauseating.

I first started wearing it senior year of high school and it’s still my favorite. Everyone who smells it on me loves it and I get so many compliments, from both guys and girls.

More than anything I love it because its become something that reminds people of me and my friends always laugh because everything I own smells at least a little bit like flowerbomb.

It even got a shout out in an Owl City song:

“Flowerbomb perfume, all my clothes smell like you ’cause your favorite shade is navy blue”

What would you add to the list?? What are your beauty “must-haves”??

Fishtail Braids

So I fishtail braid my hair a lot and I always get requests on how to do the braid style so here it is! I used pieces of craft lace rather than hair but the theory is the same.

A fishtail is essentially a braid using two sections of hair instead of three, the third strand gets taken from the outermost part of one section and crosses to the other section.


Separate into 2 sections



Separate out the outermost piece


The outermost piece from the right side crosses over to the left section


The same happens using the outermost piece from the left section crossing it to the right


Keep going alternating sections


Finished fish tail braid






Dare to Wear

Mint green, gray and black..LOVE! By the way I have those shoes (Tampaa by Steve Madden) and I wore them for graduation and they’re amazingly comfortable!! I stood in line for a bar at 6 am and then made it through my entire grad ceremony and walked without tripping and rolling across the stage (as was my fear) so I give those bad boys a 10 out of 10! In fact, I did a gray and mint theme for my graduation outfit – I’ll post a pic soon 🙂

In the mean time here’s some style inspiration – mint and gray cobra bangles combined with a black and gold SkinnyRap. Super chic, super cute!

Magic Mint Cobra Bangle

Shady Lady Gray Cobra Bangle

Black and Gold SkinnyRap