The Best of the Christmas Haul!

We are currently in day 2 of Christmas aftermath and if you’re itching for your relatives to hit the road (naughty!!) so you can sheepishly return/exchange the less than “you” gifts you received, here are some of my recommendations for those trade-ins, or ways to spend any Christmas cash! These sweet buys are the top 10 from my and my best friends’ Christmas hauls – enjoy!


1. The North Face Women’s Thunder Jacket (Baroque Purple) $249

2. American Apparel Modal Shawl Cardigan (Black Natural Acrylic Boucle) $82 – I wear this EVERYWHERE!!!

3. Stem Seamed Sweatshirt – Nordstroms (Black) $58

4. J Brand Super Skinny Stretch Jeans – Nordstroms (Washed Dark Plum) $198

5. Urban Outfitters Ombre Stud Earring Set (Plum) $18

6. Urban Outfitters Enchanted Crystal Bracelet (Green) $16

7. Bonne Bell Lip Smacker (Party Pack) $8.79 – throwback, still delicious

8. Pitch Perfect (DVD) $19.96

9. Pura Vida Bracelets (Sandy Hook Memorial Bracelet) $5

10. MAC Eye Kohl (Blooz) $15


Dare to Wear: Mint Magic


Freshly Minted Cobra Bangle

Non-Fat Soy Half-Caf Latte Mini Cobra Bangle

Shady Lady Gray Little Love Cobra Bangle

SaboSkirt Inspired!

I LOVE SaboSkirt it’s an Australian based company that makes THE CUTEST dresses, skirts, tops, and more! Right now their tea dresses are too hot not to notice and we couldn’t help but think how perfectly these dresses would pair with some SkinnyRist arm accessories!

The color of the skirt in this mint tea dress is so perfect we’d stick to this color scheme and just play it up with matching mint mini twice as nice bangle and complementary colors black and/or gray!

SaboSkirt Mint Tea Dress $68.00

SkinnyRist Mini Twice as Nice Bangles $12.00

With this super elegant all black version of the tea dress we’d take advantage of the monochrome color scheme and go color crazy with accessories, specifically SkinnyRist Mini Cobra bangles!

SaboSkirt Black Tea Dress $68.00

SkinnyRist Mini Cobra Bangles $12.00

Bracelets: a History

So it’s common knowledge that arm parties are hot fashion now, but doesn’t it tickle your curiosity as to how bracelets have managed to be a relevant fashion accessory for thousands of years…The origin of the word is Greek “brachile” meaning of the arm. Bracelets have existed since as far back as 5000 BCE!!!

Originally made out of bones, wood and stone to serve spiritual and religious purposes, now we rock bangles and bracelets nearly elbow high for totally different reasons but that doesn’t mean they’re not just as culturally significant. In Bulgaria, it’s tradition to tie red and white string around the wrist to bring spring earlier. The Greeks are on board with the red-white string tying too, but they did it from March through the summer to protect the wearer from the strong Greek sun. And in India wearing bangles denotes a woman’s marital status.

Now bracelets can mean a host of things – rave candy, charm bracelets with charms that represent moments and memories, friendship bracelets between friends, or just hot fashion accessories!


SkinnyRist Bracelets

Dare to Wear

Yes those are Jeffery Campbells. Yes it was cruel for me to include them in this style set because they’re impossibly expensive and painfully cute. The slouchy black tee is so me its ridiculous. I’m a sucker for a plain colored, oversized t-shirt. In fact, Victoria’s Secret has a 2/$28 deal on crop tees that I can’t resist, I have 4 colors so far. Anyway, we love the bold statement of pairing the salmon colored pants with the plain colored shoes and top and then throwing you a curveball with the teal clutch. Color surprises left and right and we dig it!

Here’s the color set we were inspired to throw together after seeing the bold outfit above. It’s got it all – sparkle, glam, and most importantly COLOR! This combo is everything SkinnyRist represents – it’s bright, fun, exciting, glamorous and unique. Find your new favorite accessory, and be you!

Smokey Sparkle Bangle

Black SkinnyRap

Cerise Pink SkinnyRap

Venice Green Cobra Bangle

Dare to Wear

Hello Beautiful! Here’s more subtle color with glamorous pops of bangin’ brights. Yum! But SkinnyRist like to be daring and take chances so here are some creative accessory options we would dare to wear with this ensemble:

Be loud, be proud and be daring enough to pair these brilliant brights with any outfit that feels a little too washed out. Stand out, and be you.

Azure Blue Cobra Bangle

Custard Color SkinnyStax 3 Bangle Set

SkinnyMetallix – Gold

Color Me Inspired…

SkinnyRist is coming out with a BRAND NEW line of bracelets called “SkinnySprings”! They will be super thin cobra stitched bangles on memory wire so they expand to fit over your hand and then spring back to their original size for an easy fit! SkinnySprings are going to be sold in sets of 3 and we’ve been searching high and low for creative color combos for the first SkinnySprings sets released. Here are some design seeds color palettes that are inspiring our sets:

These are just a few of the palettes SR is drawing a little color-spiration from, need some inspiration yourself? Check out Design Seeds to see ALL their color palettes and make your own!