Mini Cobras: Endless Summer Collection

Okay we’ve been talking a lot of “back to school”, but summer isn’t quite over yet and you can keep reppin’ those hot summer sunset shades with the Endless Summer mini cobra collection NEW at SkinnyRist!

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Fall 2012 – Back To School Fashion

Okay so heading back to school is never anyone’s favorite event but it can be made way more fun by using it as an excuse to hit the mall and scoop up the hottest fall trends! So what are the fashion experts saying? We’ve been perusing the web to find out!

Glamour Says:

-Red is the new black, adding pops of color to your ensemble is so in for fall

-Black and white contrasting, wearing black and white together is hot, hot, hot!

 Opposing Forces Buttondown $98

 SkinnyRist Mini Cobras $12

-According to, “the trendiest shade is pale, slate gray…[it’s] cool neutral…[and] figure flattering”

 Isn’t She Peasant Blouse $88SkinnyRist Shady Lady Gray Cobra $20

Elle Says:

-Gold is IN

Michael KorsSkinnyRist She’s Golden Bangle $20

-Oversized is the fashion-forward fit for fall (holy alliteration Batman!)

 Shaggy Knit Pullover $98



SaboSkirt Inspired!

I LOVE SaboSkirt it’s an Australian based company that makes THE CUTEST dresses, skirts, tops, and more! Right now their tea dresses are too hot not to notice and we couldn’t help but think how perfectly these dresses would pair with some SkinnyRist arm accessories!

The color of the skirt in this mint tea dress is so perfect we’d stick to this color scheme and just play it up with matching mint mini twice as nice bangle and complementary colors black and/or gray!

SaboSkirt Mint Tea Dress $68.00

SkinnyRist Mini Twice as Nice Bangles $12.00

With this super elegant all black version of the tea dress we’d take advantage of the monochrome color scheme and go color crazy with accessories, specifically SkinnyRist Mini Cobra bangles!

SaboSkirt Black Tea Dress $68.00

SkinnyRist Mini Cobra Bangles $12.00

Fishtail Braids

So I fishtail braid my hair a lot and I always get requests on how to do the braid style so here it is! I used pieces of craft lace rather than hair but the theory is the same.

A fishtail is essentially a braid using two sections of hair instead of three, the third strand gets taken from the outermost part of one section and crosses to the other section.


Separate into 2 sections



Separate out the outermost piece


The outermost piece from the right side crosses over to the left section


The same happens using the outermost piece from the left section crossing it to the right


Keep going alternating sections


Finished fish tail braid






Dare to…PAIR

A couple more perfect than Emma and Andrew (and you know how obsessed I am with them…) – it’s the new Mint Cobra and SkinnyStax triple bangle set from SkinnyRist! In my opinion, the ultra thin SkinnyStax bangles look perfect paired with the wide-banded, chunky chained cobra!


Get yours and start daring to pair 

Confetti Brights SkinnyStax 3 Bangle Set

Magic Mint Cobra Bangle