To Infinity and Beyond!

We love infinity symbols at SR, they’re super understated and cute and have meaning too – we all want something to last forever, right? I guess Brandy Melville agrees because she just released (and we ordered) these super cute tees and tanks see all her looks here: Brandy Melville USA

How cute to pair with our BRAND NEW and not yet released SkinnyRist Mini Infinity Cobra!

Stay tuned for more info and release dates of new products like the SkinnyRist Mini Infinity Cobra and others!


History Behind Infinity Knots

SR has a new line of “Skinny Infinity Wraps” and in honor of the new release I’ve decided to do some research about where exactly infinity knots came from and what they mean! A few interpretations:

-Endless love and friendship

-Samsara, the endless cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth

-Harmony in the universe

-Intertwining of wisdom and compassion


-Dualism, and unity between the male and female

-Equilibrium, the balance of forces


So there ya go! A few more reasons to head over to Etsy and get your Skinny Infinity Wrap ASAP!

Underwater Aqua Skinny Infinity Wrap