What the What??

Guess I’m a bit behind (as usual….) but Miley what in God’s name have you done?!?

Just sayin…..how awkward


Not Everyone Cheats!

The Robsten post was lightweight depressing so to boost your mood and renew your hope for young love here’s a more endearing post about Miley and fiancé Liam HemsworthThey may be young but they certainly are cute together, so if cute counts for anything we can bank on this pair making it for the long haul. Regardless, one should never hope a pair doesn’t make it, so to all the haters boasting about how they’ll be divorced in a month we say enough outta you! SkinnyRist is sending only good vibes in their direction! Miley seems genuinely smitten, she tweeted that she loves being a fiancee and “will I ever quit staring at my finger?” 

Miley recently posed for Marie Claire and her spread is BOMB she looks absolutely amazing and you’d never guess she was a product of the Disney Channel! In her high fashion looks and poses she truly looks like a model and not the bubblegum pop singer we once knew. Miley is officially a fashion icon and a style leader I’ll be following from now on! I haven’t caught her new flick LOL yet, but it’s on On Demand so it might be on the agenda this week. By the way did you know the starlets real name is Destiny Cyrus? My favorite (one of my favorite) movies is Big Fish and I re-watched it once after Miley’s rise to stardom and swore I saw her face as one of the young kids in a flashback scene but the credits rolled the name “Destiny Cyrus” I googled it and sure enough she changed her name to Miley in honor of her dad’s nickname for her, Smiley. She’s come a long way since her Destiny days for sure: Okay this girl takes the cake when it comes to hot leading men, first her soon to be hubby and now Douglas Booth in LOL Seriously envious of her slouchy off the shoulder sweaters and distressed denim outfits in this flick by the way…Okay this post is almost over but first a quick blast from the past and Miley Cyrus with Vanessa Hudgens circa 2006!