Pitch Perfect is…

I had to leave the title at that because I sat here so long thinking of the a witty title that would rival how witty this movie is and I came up blank. Guess that’s why I make jewelry and don’t write move scripts…So I realize I’m behind on this and I actually saw the movie right when it came out (and again last week…) and was (and still am…) obsessed!

But as my previous post explains, I’ve been a bit preoccupied. Yet it is time to give this genius blend of Glee-style covers and expert one-liners its due credit.

First of all, if you’ve read prior posts you know I’m a HUGE fan of Rebel Wilson so I knew I’d be seeing this movie even despite my hesitation. The commercials were awesome, but I was worried it was one of those movies that gave it all away in the previews – false! The moments captured in the trailers are just the tip of the comedic ice berg!

There are so many great subtle little one-liners that even when I saw this movie a second time I was dying because of all the little quips I missed the first time around, for example:

Aubrey: I can see your toner through those jeans*! 

Beca: That’s my dick…

*A musical boner

I mean I suppose it appeals very much to a particular humor, but I loved it, my boyfriend loved it, and my mom loved it so right there you’ve got cross-sex and cross-generational appeal!

No doubt, Rebel steals the show in the comedy department (although competition is fierce with some of her supporting ensemble!) but it’s Skylar Astin who shines as the leading man you can’t help but love. Something about him is just so damn charming!!

Astin got his start (as so many who have pioneered the Glee-style TV/movie niche) in Spring Awakening alongside Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff. He played Georg a classmate of the lead character Melchior who “lusts after his busty piano teacher” (youtube the song “bitch of living”).

Alongside Astin is Anna Kendrick who is quick to crack a joke, but barely a smile for Astin’s character who spends most of the movie chasing after Beca only to be rejected and humiliated time and time again.

Overall, I can’t say enough for this movie on a comedic scale. I don’t know much about singing so I can’t give you any critical feedback on that, but it’s so funny and the actors in it are flipping adorable – just go see it.


Back to School Accessory Must-Haves

Ok obvi #1 on our list for accessories is SkinnyRist bracelets, but we’re not talking fashion accessories as much as super cool school supplies. Who minds taking notes when it’s with a cute pen or on flashy paper? Maybe I’m just a nerd but I’ve always been a sucker for stylish office supplies…

1) Glasses Pen: Seltzer Goods 2) Magnetic White Board: LockerLookz 3) Phone Cases: HipsterCases 4) Earbuds: The Macbeth Collection 5) Contact Case: Urban Outfitters 6) Kate Spade Ipad Sleeve: Nordstroms 7) Pack at You Floral Backpack: Lulu’s 8) Glasses Pouch: Rebecca Minkoff 9) Pencil Pouch: Urban Outfitters 10) Lined Notebook: Urban Outfitters

Essie Nail Polish….am I doing it wrong?

I got Essie “To Buy or Not to Buy” and it literally took over an HOUR to dry and TWO HOURS later I bumped my hand on a table and took out a huge chip from my nail polish…what is going on?!? Check out the still wet results:

The arm candy featured in the pic are new, soon to be released mini silver cobras but you can always check out the colors we already offer!

SkinnyRist Mini Cobras


To satiate my Peter Pan obsession that I apparently have I just found “Neverland” on Netflix – a show that chronicles Peter and Hook before Neverland and traces their “real world” relationship to explain their deep-rooted hatred. Excited!! Watching the first episode in a bit, stay tuned to find out my thoughts 🙂

SaboSkirt Inspired!

I LOVE SaboSkirt it’s an Australian based company that makes THE CUTEST dresses, skirts, tops, and more! Right now their tea dresses are too hot not to notice and we couldn’t help but think how perfectly these dresses would pair with some SkinnyRist arm accessories!

The color of the skirt in this mint tea dress is so perfect we’d stick to this color scheme and just play it up with matching mint mini twice as nice bangle and complementary colors black and/or gray!

SaboSkirt Mint Tea Dress $68.00

SkinnyRist Mini Twice as Nice Bangles $12.00

With this super elegant all black version of the tea dress we’d take advantage of the monochrome color scheme and go color crazy with accessories, specifically SkinnyRist Mini Cobra bangles!

SaboSkirt Black Tea Dress $68.00

SkinnyRist Mini Cobra Bangles $12.00

My Top 10 Summer Time-Wasters

1. Crafting Obvi!!

It’s been bracelet city at my place this summer, new designs, styles and colors like you wouldn’t believe

2. Supernatural

The show, I’m not practicing witchcraft or anything weird here…seriously check it out it’s crazy addicting. This show really does have it all two gorgeous male leads (the Winchester brothers) and the monster-related mysteries at the center of each episode keeps you totally hooked. There’s also a larger ongoing plot line – I’m telling you my boyfriend and I started on season 1 a few months ago and we’ve already finished all 6 seasons offered on Netflix, which leaves us in quite a pickle because there’s still a season 7….

3. Greek

Again the show, I’m re-watching from season 1 and while I love it it’s making me seriously sad to be an alum! I’ve started this show from the first season so many times and something comes up that prevents me from finishing it, but this time I’m going all the way! Maybe the appeal of this show comes from my own background being Greek, but regardless I’m a super fan and it sure helps to pass the time!

4. Reading on my Kindle

A few of the books on my summer reading list: The Messenger, The Book Thief, Everything is Illuminated, and A Wrinkle in Time. I actually love my Kindle despite how skeptical I was of them to begin with, but now I love having all my books in one little device rather than the small mountain normally stacked at my bedside. The one downside? I think I forgot my charger at my apartment in Chico…and I’m halfway through a book….

5. Online shopping

The most expensive time waster…Urban Outfitters, Free People, Nordstroms, America Apparel, it’s getting kind of rough on my poor, sad, bank account

6. Beautification

Facials, mani/pedi, etc. Perfect time for catching up on beauty rituals you’ve been neglecting! Here are some links to great DIY at home spa treatments that you can try:

College Fashion

The Cubicle Chick

My Beauty Bunny


7. Blogging

Hello wordpress and tumblr! Start a blog for yourself, it doesn’t matter if no one is reading it, it’s relaxing and therapeutic just to write and have a space to express yourself. You could start a themed blog or just write whatever comes to mind!

8. Catching up with friends who become long-distance when I’m at school

I have lots of friends who end up hundreds of miles away from me as soon as the fall semester starts and summer is the only extended period of time I have to get back in touch and hang out with a lot of them. Rekindling past relationships can remind you how close you once were and be a great trip down memory lane.

9. Learn a new skill

I’m trying to hone my photography skills to improve Etsy pics! It’s more work than I have really anticipated between lighting and background and figuring out all my camera settings. But I’m loving learning all my camera is capable of and my pictures improve everyday. Along with photography I’ve had to learn photo-editing to further improve my product photos. What have you always wanted to learn, but never had the time for?

10. Sleeping!!!

There are few things I love more than sleeping my day away and catching up on much needed rest

How are you spending your summer?? 

Chalk-Dye Your Tips

Me with my chalk-dyed do before the Sigma Nu paint party!

I’ve been seeing tons of pictures online lately of adorable tip-dyed hair, but I’m a bit too conservative to commit to actually using permanent dye…so I discovered using chalk for a temporary, one-night dye via a tutorial from The Beauty Department!

However, after trying this trick a few times I learned a few valuable things that have made this a lot easier and I wanted to share them with you!

Click to link to TBD’s post!

-Just like TBD said, twist your hair while you rub on the chalk because it really does help it release more pigment!

-You may have to buy and try a few colors, I bought a very dark purple that doesn’t show up in my hair at all and a light blue I bought works great

-Hairspray is key!! I spray my ends, then apply the chalk then spray again and then brush out the ends

-Have  a strategy. The first time I did this I applied chalk EVERYWHERE I looked like a spaz, the next time I used only two colors and did every other section of hair and it was a much better result

-Chalk before styling your hair, you have to pull your hair straight so if you’re say, curling it, you’ll ruin your curl. The heat also helps seal the color

Click to link to Dick Blick and buy some for yourself!

-Make sure to comb through the section when you’re done chalking…otherwise the chalk will turn to straight knots and it’s awful

-It pulls out some hair =/. I’ve noticed that when I do comb out the color it pulls out more hair than I normally use from a normal brushing, up to you if that’s a deal-breaker

-Wrap something over your shoulders/clothes while you chalk, it goes EVERYWHERE and gets on your neck/hands/you name it. Good news: it comes off skin really easily with soap and water.

-Try fish-tail braiding or curling your colored locks, it looks really cute and boho-chic

-I bought my chalk from Dick Blick Art Supplies as recommended by TBD, but make sure wherever you buy that you get soft pastels!

Colors Used:

Pink Lake 272, Ultramarine Blue 388, Steel Blue 710, Coral 925, Cobalt Blue 354

Before the Alpha Delta Pi senior bar crawl!