Dare to Wear: Patterns


Give Peach a Chance Mini Cobra Bangle $12

Teal Next Time Mini Cobra Bangle $12

Black Diamond SkinnyWrap Lattice Bracelet $14


NEW SkinnyMini Braided Wrap Colors


Perfectly Purple

White On

Electric Lilac

Lapis of Luxury

SkinnyRist SkinnyMini Braided Wraps $12

Dare to Wear

Yes those are Jeffery Campbells. Yes it was cruel for me to include them in this style set because they’re impossibly expensive and painfully cute. The slouchy black tee is so me its ridiculous. I’m a sucker for a plain colored, oversized t-shirt. In fact, Victoria’s Secret has a 2/$28 deal on crop tees that I can’t resist, I have 4 colors so far. Anyway, we love the bold statement of pairing the salmon colored pants with the plain colored shoes and top and then throwing you a curveball with the teal clutch. Color surprises left and right and we dig it!

Here’s the color set we were inspired to throw together after seeing the bold outfit above. It’s got it all – sparkle, glam, and most importantly COLOR! This combo is everything SkinnyRist represents – it’s bright, fun, exciting, glamorous and unique. Find your new favorite accessory, and be you!

Smokey Sparkle Bangle

Black SkinnyRap

Cerise Pink SkinnyRap

Venice Green Cobra Bangle


Brand new and coming soon to the SkinnyRist shop are SkinnyRaps! Bold, unique colors and a core unlike any other wrap out there so they hold their shape! My biggest disappointment with these wraps when I first started making them was their lack of shape, they didn’t always sit right or look right but I’ve solved that problem by adding a wire core that allows them to remain flexible while still holding whatever shape you press them into! They finish with a hand wrapped hook and eye clasp for easy wear! I’ve also tried to choose totally unique colors, the collection will open with Underwater Aqua, Cadillac Pink, Cerulean Blue, and Sandrift Brown all mixed with metallic gold!









SkinnyRaps by SkinnyRist on Etsy