The Best of the Christmas Haul!

We are currently in day 2 of Christmas aftermath and if you’re itching for your relatives to hit the road (naughty!!) so you can sheepishly return/exchange the less than “you” gifts you received, here are some of my recommendations for those trade-ins, or ways to spend any Christmas cash! These sweet buys are the top 10 from my and my best friends’ Christmas hauls – enjoy!


1. The North Face Women’s Thunder Jacket (Baroque Purple) $249

2. American Apparel Modal Shawl Cardigan (Black Natural Acrylic Boucle) $82 – I wear this EVERYWHERE!!!

3. Stem Seamed Sweatshirt – Nordstroms (Black) $58

4. J Brand Super Skinny Stretch Jeans – Nordstroms (Washed Dark Plum) $198

5. Urban Outfitters Ombre Stud Earring Set (Plum) $18

6. Urban Outfitters Enchanted Crystal Bracelet (Green) $16

7. Bonne Bell Lip Smacker (Party Pack) $8.79 – throwback, still delicious

8. Pitch Perfect (DVD) $19.96

9. Pura Vida Bracelets (Sandy Hook Memorial Bracelet) $5

10. MAC Eye Kohl (Blooz) $15

Freshman Year – Crash Course…

So while making jewelry and blogging about random happenings may be one of my “jobs” I am also pursuing my teaching credential AND I worked for the last four years as a peer/civic mentor for University 101 a class run by the First Year Experience office at my college campus. Basically, I helped freshman transition into college without having any kind of meltdown. After a year as a freshman myself, and four years working with them (using all research-based approaches) I have some valuable insight I’d like to share with you:

1) Go to class.

I know, you’ve heard it before but seriously GO TO CLASS. Statistics show that just showing up even if you feel like you’re half asleep improves your grade. Professors notice and come finals when you’re freaking out and between a C and B if you made the effort to show up to class they will be so much more willing to take pity and help you.

2) Put your lanyard away 

I realize this is how you are storing your dorm key, but for God’s sake take it off in class and between class and PLEASE do not wear it out at night you might as well wear a neon sign saying FRESHMAN. Nothing gives you away quicker than a CA STATE Lanyard

3) Moderation 

When I go out and give talks to freshman classes I never stand up there and preach to them about the dangers of going out too much and how having a social life is not important you’re here to learn blah blah blah….because that would be hypocritical. I have done my fair share of “socializing” and I still maintained a high GPA.

A GPA high enough to qualify me to graduate with honors and special recognition for the highest GPA in my class (yes I’m bragging, but only because I had a 2.8 in high school so this smart kid stuff is new and exciting). I do however preach moderation. Too much social life and you flunk out and go home and then you’re really lame, not enough social life and you’ll lose it, fast.

4) Organize 

This saved my life. I got a daily planner I brought to class to jot down anything the professor reminded us about and had a larger calendar on the wall in my dorm marked with upcoming large projects like tests and papers so I could spot a particularly rough week coming in advance and prepare myself.

There’s no slack, no room to let things slip through you have to be on top of everything all the time. FYI: your syllabus is your contract with the professor, so if you’re absent whatever is on the syllabus is still your responsibility and they don’t like excuses.

5) Rush

No not like rush through things, rush a frat or sorority! I’m biased because I’m Greek but it’s seriously one of the best decisions I’ve made in college. My sisters changed my life, my sisters saved my life. They have outlasted every boy and every relationship and are my constant through all the crazy.

We have a saying about Greek life “from the outside looking in you can never understand it, from the inside looking out you can never explain it” and it’s so true you can’t really understand the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood you make in the Greek system, but they are truly unique.

6) You Are Liminal

Okay time to be a research nerd, liminality refers to being “betwixt and between” and in the case of a student moving from high school senior to college freshman they are between identities. Why is this important? Because you have to be aware of the idea that the identity that worked for you in high school may not (and most likely will not) work in college.

Ex: being a class clown, texting in class, acting like you don’t care because you’re afraid to fail, etc. Along with entering college be prepared to shape a new identity because most of your high school practices will get left behind

7) Find Your Niche 

Schools have clubs for EVERYTHING try a few things out and find your niche, find your people because this identity business I mentioned above, well the communities you associate yourself with will  shape those identities. Students who form strong relationships are more successful and more likely to graduate.

8) Depression Peaks at Midterms 

We used to schedule our University 101 class to go over mental health and wellness around this time because studies show it’s when depression peaks. Midterms may be the first time you really see your grades and students who thought they were doing swimmingly find out they are failing and it’s a huge shock.

This is halfway through the semester and homesickness is probably setting in as well. Knowing that you are susceptible to feel particularly down around this time can help you prepare for and combat it

9) Don’t YOLO too Hard….

I get that college is all “OmG YoU oNlY lIvE oNcE” (uh it took me forever to type that…), but this is real life and these things may come back to bite you. “What happened last night will be on facebook tomorrow” is a good way to think of things, I also like the saying “if you don’t want people to know about it, don’t do it”

10) Don’t take it too seriously 

I’ve seen more freshman get worked into a frenzy over the smallest things, deal with it one problem at a time and move on you’re going to be okay and your life is not over. Deep breaths….now get out of my way.

What the What??

Guess I’m a bit behind (as usual….) but Miley what in God’s name have you done?!?

Just sayin… awkward

Rebel Wilson Funny Is Fabulous!!

 Rebel Wilson, probably best known for her role as the creepy, British roommate of main character Annie in Bridesmaids is taking over the Hollywood scene now staring in Bachelorette with stars like Kristen Dunst, Isla Fisher and James Marsden. She’s also going to have a major part in Anna Kendrick‘s new movie Pitch Perfect as “Fat Amy”. Brittany Snow, Elizabeth Banks and Anna Camp will also be listed in the credits as major characters. Rebel is hilarious, easily one of my favorite actresses because she leaves me in stitches with every part she plays! Without the movie even having been released she’s already given me my new favorite line to quote, (in response to  a boy suggesting they kiss) “I sometimes think I can do crystal meth but then I think nah better not”.  Check out the Pitch Perfect trailer for yourself!!  If you haven’t giggled at Rebel’s antics yet then you live in a cave because you haven’t seen Bridesmaids and I’ve seen it like 150 times (no exaggeration I can literally quote 90% of the movie courtesy of my sorority houses obsession with playing it NON STOP for weeks when it came out), I’ll help catch you up and bring you the joy of Rebel Wilson in Bridesmaids:

Tattoo Scene 

Diary Scene 

Rebel (which is her given name) is Australian and was raised by her three siblings Liberty, Ryot and Annachi. She attended University of New South Wales where she pursued Law and Arts. As a Rotary Youth International Ambassador she was stationed in South Africa and she contracted Malaria, which gave her a hallucination of being an award winning actress and she was convinced to change her career path!! Now on top of acting she’s a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig and she’s lost about 20 lbs, but the directors of Pitch Perfect didn’t want her to lose anymore weight before the film! Her filming contract stated she maintain her size, but once obligations are lifted she plans to begin dieting again and reach her target weight loss goal of 80 kg. Go Girl! Related articles

Not Everyone Cheats!

The Robsten post was lightweight depressing so to boost your mood and renew your hope for young love here’s a more endearing post about Miley and fiancé Liam HemsworthThey may be young but they certainly are cute together, so if cute counts for anything we can bank on this pair making it for the long haul. Regardless, one should never hope a pair doesn’t make it, so to all the haters boasting about how they’ll be divorced in a month we say enough outta you! SkinnyRist is sending only good vibes in their direction! Miley seems genuinely smitten, she tweeted that she loves being a fiancee and “will I ever quit staring at my finger?” 

Miley recently posed for Marie Claire and her spread is BOMB she looks absolutely amazing and you’d never guess she was a product of the Disney Channel! In her high fashion looks and poses she truly looks like a model and not the bubblegum pop singer we once knew. Miley is officially a fashion icon and a style leader I’ll be following from now on! I haven’t caught her new flick LOL yet, but it’s on On Demand so it might be on the agenda this week. By the way did you know the starlets real name is Destiny Cyrus? My favorite (one of my favorite) movies is Big Fish and I re-watched it once after Miley’s rise to stardom and swore I saw her face as one of the young kids in a flashback scene but the credits rolled the name “Destiny Cyrus” I googled it and sure enough she changed her name to Miley in honor of her dad’s nickname for her, Smiley. She’s come a long way since her Destiny days for sure: Okay this girl takes the cake when it comes to hot leading men, first her soon to be hubby and now Douglas Booth in LOL Seriously envious of her slouchy off the shoulder sweaters and distressed denim outfits in this flick by the way…Okay this post is almost over but first a quick blast from the past and Miley Cyrus with Vanessa Hudgens circa 2006! 

The Inevitable Robsten Post…

We’ve mostly been staying out of the gossip mags on the whole RPatz-KStew relationship drama (if you’ve been cut-off from society, or the internet, recently then we’re referring to Kristen Stewart cheating on Twilight co-star and real-life boyfriend Robert Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director) but now we’re taking interest. We’re a fan of Kristen’s laid back style and not giving in to wearing the typical high-fashion red carpet gear and she even made it cool to wear sneaks with a dress! I saw her at the Teen Choice Awards a couple years ago (the year Miley debuted Part in the USA and her infamous ice cream cart pole dance) along with the rest of the Twilight cast and she was as melancholy as magazines portray. I get that she’s being herself but would it kill her to crack a smile? Here’s a cute pic of the two at a Vanity Fair photo shoot:

Another cute, but more candid shot of the pair on a red carpet: 

Here’s a super awkward pic of them presenting at an award show…So what’s the deal with this cheating scandal? Certainly a lot of the backlash is coming from Twi-Hards who see the cheating less as Kristen cheats on Rob and more as Bella cheats on Edward. The Breaking Dawn director even said that this could be a good thing to help remind fans that they are real people who are just playing parts in a movie but exist beyond  their characters as well, according to E! News.

I gotta say though, of everyone on the Huntsman set to cheat with why director Rupert Sanders? She was co-staring with Sam Clafin who is being considered for the role of Finnick O’dair (Hunger Games hottie)! Here is a montage from of the scandalous affair: 

This is a close-up of a pic I found particularly awkward…what kind of affair were they having exactly? 

Oh and here is Sam Clafin so you can judge for yourself if KStew picked the right Huntsman affiliate to cheat on Robert Pattinson, possibly one of the most desirable men in Hollywood, with…The worst part, in my opinion, is the timeline, which you can view in full at She went to Comic-Con with Rob July 12 and then July 17 she’s cheating on him and probably before then but, why string him along? She’s acting like things are perfect and then making out with her movie director in her mini cooper (pause – she drives a mini cooper? why?). It took her until July 25 to publicly admit to what went down and it was only because US released their first set of photos of the affair, super shady Kristen. Also, Sanders’ wife tweeted about it after apparently finding out about the affair on Twitter courtesy of a tweet from the mag – AWKWARD. More awkward? Sanders’ wife Liberty Ross played Kristen’s mother in the Snow White and the Huntsman film! Granted they don’t have a great on-screen character relationship, but still they spent tons of time together and just…ah so bad. And if we’re criticizing K Stew on her choice of men to cheat with let’s give it to Rupert on his poor choice too, his wife is beautiful and while Kristen has that whole badass I don’t care what anyone thinks rocker-chic thing going of all his options in the cast I’m not sure he made the best choice…

Regardless, what’s done is done and I’m interested in what RPatz, whose been very quite during the whole thing, has to say and what he’ll decide to do about the relationship. It’s confirmed that Kristen has moved out of the home she shared with bf Rob and he has been staying with pal Reese Witherspoon who he met when they starred together in Water for Elephants. Let’s end this depressing post with some particularly sexy pics of  Rob – you’re a hottie Robby (may we call you Robby?) and there’s plenty of fish in the sea, and many of those fish show emotion and don’t cheat on sexy leading men maybe he could get with his super adorable (and blonde, blondes are always better 😉 Remember Me co-star Emilie de Ravin) Personal fave, Rob in Ray-Bans…yes, just yes love




If the Women Went Bad…

Re-gendered Disney Evildoers from, I love these creative portrayals of popular Disney villains female counterparts especially because I’ve always wanted to do a group Halloween costume with friends of all female villains! To see even more AMAZING digital artwork by artist Mae Uy you can check her out on deviantART:

blastedgoose deviantArt

I’m loving all of these, but female Captain Hook stands out the most probably because of my Peter Pan obsession. Who is your favorite?